Model 932 Premier

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Model 932 Premier Vending Machine Services in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale
Model 932 Premier
If youre looking for a full-featured glassfront merchandiser that strikes the right balance between fitting in and standing out, look no further. The Model 932 is a mid-size option that has all the sales-maximizing features of the Premier Series, including:
  • Stealth Styling for an upscale appearance (at no extra charge!).
  • Brighter light that provides superior product illumination and presents brands in their true color, while delivering up to three times the bulb life.
  • Fast Track bilingual programming keypad for time-saving navigation.
  • Large, animated graphics display attracts customers by sight.
  • Swing-out panel keeps cash protected during servicing.
  • Bilingual Fast Track programming menu provides direct access to commonly used modes.
  • Pre-installed price rolls make machine set-up a breeze, while price changes can be made with the touch of a finger.
  • Our deeper delivery bin with a contoured interior makes product retrieval easier.
  • Swing out panel keeps payment systems and cash secure, and in close proximity when servicing.
  • 130 Series automatically recognizes when you have plugged in a peripheral device, and provides an instant and continuous visual LED confirmation when peripherals are properly attached.
  • Use CHIP to make multiple machine installs a snap. Simply download your machine configuration to CHIP, and upload all set-up data to a like model in less than a minute.
    • Height: 72 inches
    • Depth: 35 inches
    • Width: 33 1/2 inches


    • 5
    • 6
    • 7


    • Up to 56, Optional 4-select gum and mint


    • 495 lbs. ambient
    • 620 lbs. chilled


    • 132-524: 364 items (4 Snack/1 Candy)
    • 132-528: 448 items (3 Snack/2 Candy)
    • 132-628: 412 items (5 Snack/1 Candy)
    • 132-632: 502 items (4 Snack/2 Candy)
    • Gum and Mint Tray: Avg. 135 items


    • Domestic: 120 VAC 60Hz. 3 AMPS, 12 AMPS Chilled
    • Intl: 230 VAC 50 or 60 Hz. 3 AMPS
    • Chilled Intl: 230 VAC 50 Hz. 6 AMPS
    • CE Marked, NAMA Listed, UL and UL-C Listed, Meets FCC Part 15 Standard

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