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Paykey Vending Services in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale
PAYKEY is the safest and most advanced cashless system used in the European vending world. A PAYKEY System consists of a number of stand-alone machine controllers and a set of electronic Paykeys (right picture), one for each end user.

No network, telephone or wireless connections are needed. Every machine controller records the keys' content, authorizes purchases, supplies detailed counters and income listings, and it is protected against fraud or tampering attempts.

If cash validators are installed, they act as a RCS 100 Recharge station and allow transactions in the traditional way. This is still cheaper than a coin changer. Each user has one electronic Paykey to buy the services. PAYKEY can offer discounts, free services, and different prices depending on the key's user level or time bands.

All the parameters and rights are fully customizable. By increasing the volume of business, PAYKEY vending strategies drastically simplify money management and system monitoring.

Paykey Contactless Key
PAYKEY System users buy products and services using a contactless electronic key instead of coins and bills.

They have no need to carry a wallet or to look for the exact change and they do not get useless pennies back from machines. The electronic key consists of a miniaturized computer that stores the user's credit and controls the encrypted communication with the vending system.

The stand-alone controller-generated RF field directly supplies the power and no batteries are required. A sealed, knock-proof, antistatic shell filled with a special resin protects the circuit board. This makes it virtually indestructible, safe, and reliable in dusty and humid environments.

The circuit integration and the multilevel data encryption of Paykey makes unauthorized copy or data alteration impossible. The user's credit is directly available by inserting the key in every reader installed on the machines. It is automatically updated while purchasing and it can be recharged if bill or coin validators are installed.

Each key also stores the user's rights, like enabled zones, validity and expiration dates, optional free services and detailed history of recent transactions.

Using the Paykey is extremely easy. Just insert the key, make the selection and the purchase is done. Before and after the transaction, the user can check the available credit directly on the machine's display.

PAYKEY cashless systems easily increment the number of purchases because buying is much easier without any change and coin return.

Technical specifications

  • 125 kHz RF transponder for power supply and data exchange
  • 2048 or 4096 bits in EEPROM technology
  • Microprocessor data control and encryption
  • Individual password protection
  • Last 5 operations history
  • Custom advertisable label
  • Available in silver, black, red, blue, and white


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