Refreshment Center 1

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Refreshment Center 1 Vending Machine Services in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale
Refreshment Center 1
  • Vend fresh food and beverages simultaneously for smaller accounts.
  • Maximize opportunity in school accounts where health concerns require you to vend not just Milk beverages, but also dairy based snack alternatives. Vend Milk, Yogurt, Cheese products and other healthy foods.
  • For lower volume food accounts, the all food configuration provides a cost effective solution for automated feeding.
  • Perfect for OCS locations or as a satellite offering to a main bank of equipment. Vend the four main vending product categories from a single machine.
  • Where perishables are not required, vend candy, snack and beverage for smaller sites. The RC1 is ideal for OCS or as a satellite retail point in a traditional vending account.
  • Temperature Control - Unlike other machines, the RC1 is field configurable to operate with or without NAMA health and Safety control using a 1/2 HP refrigeration system and heated dual pane gas-filled glass for energy efficient operation. Temperature set points are adjustable dependent on mode of operation. Health and Safety lock out only affects the controlled zone if activated.
  • Dual Temperature Capability - An adjustable divider creates zones within the Refreshment Center 1 to segregate perishable food or beverage items from snack and candy.
  • Attractive Merchandising - Special bottle shelves and spirals optimize presentation to consumers providing eight selections per shelf and 48 unit capacity.
  • Easy Loading - Trays tilt forward 45 degrees making it easy to reach even the upper shelves.
  • F.I.F.O. Coupling - Assure even sell down of like products with the F.I.F.O. Coupling feature. Couple up to 10 selections on the same tray to assure proper SKU rotation.
  • Merchandising Flexibility - Sell single and double column items from the same shelf to maximize space to sales ratio and throughput.
  • Continuous Price Rolls - Just dial up the correct price. No more little price tabs that fall out, get lost, or are hard to apply.

    Food & Bottle Configuration

    • Selections: 15 Food, 16 Bottle
    • Capacity: 116 Food, 96 Bottle
    • Total Selections: 31
    • Total Capacity: 212


    • Selections: 30 Food
    • Capacity: 244 items


    • Height: 72 inches
    • Depth: 39.75 inches
    • Width: 38.13 inches
    • Weight: 734 lbs.


    • cULus
    • CE
    • NAMA


    • 115 Volts
    • 60Hz
    • 12 amps (Requires a 15 amp circuit)


    • Dollar Bill Validators: Mars, Coinco
    • Coin Mechanisms: Mars, Coinco
    • MDB Ready (standard)
    • DEX Harness (standard)
    • Dual Spirals (standard)
    • Zone Divider
    • Delivery Pan Cushion
    • Money Box Lock
    • Van lock and key
    • Ace II Lock and Key
    • Base Grille
    • Candy Tray

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