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Zip Key Vending Services in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale
zip Key

Zip is a cashless payment system for vending machines that allows your customers to purchase from your vending machines through the credit stored in their Zip key or card instead of cash. Zip can be easily interfaced with all MDB vending machines and is modular to make additional features simply plug in.

Keys, cards and the reader are based on contact-less technology (RFID). What does this mean to you? NO contacts to wear out, get dirty or get damaged!

Using Zip in your machines you now can:

  • Have 5 price levels (1 cash and 4 key prices)
  • Cash collection in advance of product sales
  • Increased sales and impulse purchases
  • Detailed sales statistics
  • Offer controlled free vends
  • Value Meals
  • Loyalty programs
  • Happy hours
  • Customers can recharge keys in ANY machine or can be limited to certain machines. You decide.
  • Download simple sales info or retrieve detailed statistics using an optional MaxiKey.

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